WOMACK : abstract artist, actress, photographer, poet, and author of A RARE JOURNEY





Contradiction and geometrical design are just two of the many faces of my paintings. I love to explore the relationships between shape and color.

I started painting in the winter of 2003 while searching for a way to avoid the chronic pain suffered from an illness. For a time I didn't think anyone would find my work interesting because I looked at it, not as art, but as my release. It was a therapeutic novel. And like pages in a book, I could go back and flip through to my favorite parts and feel energized.

I discovered that the more time I spent creating on canvas, the more creative I wanted to be. With that realization, I began to paint more for pleasure.

There are no set rules that I follow when it comes to creating yet my paintings are highly structured.  In the process of creating, I may wonder how to manipulate certain colors against certain shapes, or the piece may be triggered by the mood I'm in, and how I might capture it on canvas.

My paintings celebrate the incorporation of color and shapes. I choose to work with acrylic paints on large canvases.  My hope is to challenge the viewer to find what he or she sees and create his or her own “energy” from the observation.

As for my photos, the most rewarding to me are the ones that I feel will bring me the same joy and interest twenty years from now as they do when first captured.